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iAPIS modules demonstrated at the APINZ Conference – 2021

The guys had a great time at the APINZ conference, exhibiting all four iAPIS modules, catching up with clients, and research partners.

1.       Hive Monitoring with intelligent bottom board, for weight and bee activity and the solar panel and electronics on the left.

2.       Long-range asset tags and asset management integrated with asset tracking and extraction. You can see some of the tags on the boxes

3.       Extraction system showing how boxes are scanned, linked to the apiary, and productivity data updated immediately on the dashboards.

4.       Works web and mobile tablets and the integration of monitoring, visits, and tasks to bring on the brood, and extraction.

We were really impressed with the presentations and streams on offer, but most particularly (we should declare a high degree of bias for one of our research partners..!) of Gertje Petersen from FutureBees and AbacusBio in the science stream using data from our iAPIS Hive Monitors to show bee flight activity and the first building blocks to understanding “activity vs Foraging”. We fielded many inquiries from other research organisations looking to capture empirical data on hive activity to help with their own programs.

We have a very strong focus on research and optimisation. We took the opportunity to continue discussions with select partners on our new Brood Forecasting modeling and how that can be integrated with works management to bring brood on to match bloom better optimise beekeeping practices.

During the show, we had the good fortune to be able to show in real-time how our Hive Monitoring equipment was able to capture one of our weaker R&D hives in Whitford being robbed out with a significant increase in hive entrance activity, and a commensurate significant drop in weight. That will be the topic of another post shortly.

Thank you to all our clients and partners for dropping by. The next 12 months are going to see some significant new enhancements to optimise both honey gathering and pollination!