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                          APIS Solutions is proud to announce that they have acquired HiveMind. This move offers HiveMind customers access to the best in class remote hive monitoring system offered by APIS Solutions and enables further integration between remote hive monitoring and operations management for
A great example of real-time data turning into actionable information! We run a number of R&D hives with monitoring technology. We build them up and let them run down to help identify patterns. All the hives have our iAPIS Hive Monitoring system on including an intelligent bottom board with weight and bee counters. To manage
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The guys had a great time at the APINZ conference, exhibiting all four iAPIS modules, catching up with clients, and research partners. 1.       Hive Monitoring with intelligent bottom board, for weight and bee activity and the solar panel and electronics on the left. 2.       Long-range asset tags and asset management integrated with asset tracking and extraction.