Commercial Beekeepers

iAPIS provides the intelligence for smarter decisions and increased productivity.

The iAPIS beekeeper operational management solution is for commercial beekeepers focused on honey production. It is currently being used in both New Zealand and Australia.


Operational, asset and hive management is streamlined.

Crews know in advance when to visit, their tasks and equipment needed for apiary visits. This eliminates the high opportunity cost of wasted time. Health and Safety hazards and access issues are detailed per site.


iAPIS monitoring provides accurate information on each hive’s health, not just those manually sampled.

With hive weight, temperature, bee activity and weather data reported, beekeepers can say goodbye to the very manual processes of the past for managing hives.


Visibility across remote, high-value Manuka honey sites reduces the extensive travel costs.

Information on each hive’s health is sent directly in real-time so that beekeepers can monitor closely, and take timely action. No more excuses for not knowing what’s happening.


The iAPIS technology provides the operational efficiency needed before beekeeper businesses can scale operations at pace.

Extraction data

Get accurate data on honey yield in the extraction process. iAPIS Extraction tracks honey quality from the hive to the jar.

The reports provide actionable data for quality improvement.

Find the right solution for your beekeeping business.

The iAPIS Works module is the cornerstone of the iAPIS product suite.

Whether it’s for 1,000 or 30,000 hives commercial beekeepers can quickly view operational data at either a high-level macro view or a detailed micro-level.

The software delivers effective operational management. It disseminates large amounts of data into concise and practical actions. It is the platform through which the iAPIS data and hardware flows, or can be used as a stand-alone operational tool.

The hardware devices are used to collect information and supply real-time data vis cellular or satellite coverage. This level of insight is revolutionary for the world of beekeeping.

Remote monitoring of hive health is essential for greater yield and reducing travel and operational costs.

Every hive is a distinct colony that may perform better or worse than its neighbour. iAPIS Monitoring covers every hive, not just a sample, with its self-sustaining beekeeper and bee-friendly sensor kit.

The monitoring kit includes an innovative bee counter which captures the bee transits and direction. Real-time sensor observations provide actionable intelligence including activity, weight, and unexpected movement from stock or humans.

Rather than the older “in-out” warehouse management approach to inventory management, iAPIS Assets provides effective asset management specifically suited to beekeeping.

It matches true inventory and uses technology and workflow assessment to make it easier for staff to adopt.

Tracking honey quality from the hive to the jar provides actionable data for quality improvement.

Using RFID tags, each box links back to the apiary it has come as it is simultaneously weighed. Automatically and in real-time the data is displayed on both the extraction line and web dashboard.

Productivity statistics are provided to improve future yield, including boxes/hour, boxes/day, best hour, best day and performance against defined targets.