APIS Solutions Acquire HiveMind



APIS Solutions is proud to announce that they have acquired HiveMind.

This move offers HiveMind customers access to the best in class remote hive monitoring system offered by APIS Solutions and enables further integration between remote hive monitoring and operations management for beekeepers.

This is a natural progression for APIS Solutions who offer the iAPIS product suite, which is focused on unlocking bee potential through a combination of hardware and software solutions. There is a synergy between the two businesses and APIS Solutions is very excited to pick up where HiveMind has left off. HiveMind were a pioneer in the remote hive monitoring space and have had many learnings when developing technology over the past nine years. APIS Solutions has harnessed the learning from HiveMind to ensure that all iAPIS products remain best in class.

APIS Solutions are excited about supporting the HiveMind customers for the up-and-coming season and beyond. All HiveMind customers have received more detail about what they can expect going forward. If you are interested in learning more about how this may affect you, or about  APIS Solutions in general, then please get in touch.

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